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OYHA COVID Policies and Procedures

This document outlines OYHA's COVID Policies and Procedures.

*Draft protocol.  Subject to change before the season begins and could change depending on current health conditions.

*Draft protocol.  Subject to change before the season begins and could change depending on current health conditions.


  • If the season is cancelled will I get my registration fees back? 

OYHA understands the uncertainty surrounding the 2020-2021 season due to the pandemic.  If there is a government mandated shut down of the Ozaukee Ice Center, fees (less 3.15% processing costs) will be refunded on a prorated basis for any time missed. In the event of a government mandated shut down the ice center will welcome any additional support that our participants can provide and ask that you consider donating your fees to the rink, or rolling them into the next season, in lieu of a refund. Further information on these options will be provided if a government mandated shutdown occurs.

As long as the rink is open, OYHA will provide programming and fees would be rolled into that programming. 

  • If games and tournaments are not able to be played, will a refund be issued?

Most of the OYHA fees go to ice time. Ice time doesn’t change if it is a game slot or a practice slot. At this time we do not see a reason why each team would not be able to keep the same ice slots they would have during any other season. When teams play away games, those are generally reciprocal slots (you play a team at home, and then play a team away). If away games aren’t possible, we would roll the slots opened up by our teams not having opponents as additional practices, scrimmages, or other development activities. We also believe at a minimum, we should be able to play teams within our region. If tournaments are not available - we would return the tournament funds to our families.


  • What safety measures will be in place with the Off Ice Partners?

We are working with both BreakAway CrossFit and Playerz Choice to make sure that we can safely offer off-ice activities. If we can not accomplish the same number of sessions per level, while allowing physical distancing we will adjust fees accordingly. The HDC is working with both partners and we will have a more definitive plan in the coming weeks. 


  • What safety measures will be in place for COVID 19? 

Safety measures will occur at 2 different levels. 

  1. Rink level safety measures. These are the guidelines that are put in place by each individual rink. There likely will be differences depending on which rink you visit. Managers and Coaches will need to be aware of this when scheduling away games and communicate the requirements to their families. Here are some examples of rink specific COVID - 19 Procedures:

OIC Operating Procedures

Pettit Ice Center

Green Bay - Cornerstone Community Center


Keep in mind this may make the season look different than we are used to -  locker room facilities, change at home, health screenings, spectator limits,  masks, and waivers may be the new normal.  


  1. OYHA level safety measures


The very best defense we have against COVID-19 and ensuring that we can have a hockey season is our families, players, and coaches adhering to best practices. These safety measures may change as local, state, and federal guidance is updated. 


General Health 

1. If you, your player, or members of your family are sick or have symptoms of an illness: 

a. Stay home. Stay home regardless of what is causing your illness. 

b. If you are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 practice self-quarantine measures and contact your physician. 

c. To discontinue quarantine and return to sport, obtain appropriate clearance from your medical provider or follow CDC guidelines. 

2. If you have been in close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID 19 for 15 minutes or more:

 a. Begin self-quarantine for 14 days. 

3. Advise Caitie Bowers if any possible exposures have occurred on your team or in your team environment. Parents (and not the minor player) should communicate with the OYHA Committee Chair ( All applicable privacy guidelines will be followed. 


Physical Interaction 

1. Maintain “social distancing” of at least six feet. 

2. Avoid activities involving high levels of group interaction (ex: team huddles and hand shake lines). 

3. Avoid general physical interaction including hugging, “high fives” or passing objects by hand. 

4. Participants and any additional persons on site (employee, volunteer, parent) should avoid close contacts and follow all social-distancing guidelines. Follow rink specific guidelines at all times. 

5. Distance yourself from anyone exhibiting signs of sickness. 


General Hygiene 

1. Avoid touching your eyes/mouth/nose as much as possible. 

2. Wash or sanitize your hands often. 

a. Use soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

b. When soap and water is not available, use hand sanitizer. 

3. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. 

a. Follow with washing or sanitizing your hands. 

b. Dispose of tissues in a sealed trash can. 

c. Do not spit - any player, coach, or spectator spitting on the bench or around the facility will be asked to leave immediately. 


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Follow recommendations on wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment – masks or face covers).


  1. All participants (coaches, players, referees, instructors, administrators) are recommended to wear new or clean PPE upon arrival, departure and when not physically active during activities. 

  2.  PPE should cover the nose and mouth, be breathable, consist of cotton or wick-type material and follow CDC guidelines.

  3. PPE should be new or clean for each training session; and disposed or thoroughly cleaned after each training session. 

  4. Provided all screening, hygiene and social distancing measures are followed, masks are not mandatory for players/coaches/referees/instructors/participants during exertional moments of training (i.e. when physically active on the ice). (Unless a specific facility requires masks).

  5. Guidelines may change based on evolving medical and health information, as well as local state or federal guidelines


USA Hockey Guidance on Full Shield Face Mask versus ½ shield or cage


Equipment & Training Gear 

1. Where possible, use individual equipment. 

a. Do not share personal equipment or gear (e.g. water bottles, towels, etc)

b. Sanitize sports or exercise equipment after each training session. 

c. Wash all training gear after each training session.


    Positive COVID 19 Result

While our goal is to not have any positive COVID 19 cases during the season, if a positive case would occur, OYHA will follow the CDC Youth Sports Guidelines on Preparing for When Someone Gets Sick.