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Registration Fees

2023-2024 Season Registration Fees

This season's fees will once again come in two parts: the registration fee and the remaining balance. 
All tournament fees and off ice training fees included.

2023-2024 Fees          
Team Before 7/31      After 7/31        Reg Fee Before 7/31 Reg Fee After  7/31

Monthly Payment


16U/18U $1995 $2095 $500 $600 Yes
14U $1850 $1950 $500 $600 Yes
12U $1675 $1775 $500 $600 Yes
10U $1550 $1650 $500 $600 Yes
8U $895 $995 $300 $300 Yes
6U $575  $675 $300 $300 Yes
Learn To Play (LTP) or IceCHIPS $300 $300 $300 $300 No


Season fees increase by $100 on July 31 at 11:59pm.

Registration Fees

Non-refundable registration fees are a "down payment" on the season fees. They will be as follows:

  • $500 for all 10U (Squirts), 12U (Pee Wees), 14U (Bantams), 16U/18U (Midget)
  • $300 for all 8U (Mites) and 6U (Mini-Mite) teams
  • $300 for Learn-to-Play and Ice CHIPS programs (this is the full payment for the entire season)


Remaining Balance Payment Options

We have two options for payment of remaining season fees. At the time of registration, you may choose to:

  • Pay your entire remaining balance at registration.
  • Pay in 5 monthly installments beginning on October 15th and continuing through February 15th. Each installment will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card or checking account with which you registered on the 15th of each month. 

RaiseRight (Previously Scrip)

OYHA participates in the RaiseRight program that can help you cover some of your ice fees.  

OYHA Code: 57CC265317945

Click here to sign up and start earning:

If you have any questions or concerns about the fees or fee payments, please contact OYHA’s Committee Chair Nick Siler. If your family has a financial hardship, scholarship money may be available. For more information, contact Scholarship Fund Chair (TBD) or Treasurer Dominic Banham

Multiple OYHA Players

Families with two or more players in the 10U (Squirt) through 14U (Bantam) age group will receive a $50 discount on the additional player fees. This discount does not apply to 8U (Mite), 6U (Mini-Mite), or to the Learn-to-Play or Ice Chips programs.

OYHA Refund Policy

Refund Policy

It is OYHA policy that once a player has been assigned to a team, there will be no refund of registration or season fees. In addition, season fees on a payment plan to be paid throughout the season, will still be due as scheduled. Prior to team placement, refund amounts will be adjusted to cover processing fees and ice time scheduled prior to requested refund (warm-up sessions, try-out sessions, etc) regardless of whether the player attended the session.

Note: The registration fee is the amount required to hold a spot on a roster for a player.  The season fee is the total fee due after team placement less the registration fee.

Please note the following special circumstances:

Player Moves to High School

If a player placed on a 14U or 18U team decides to leave the club to play for a high school team, no refund will be given, that player will forfeit any fees already paid, and monthly payments on a payment plan will still be due as scheduled. High school eligible players are encouraged to commit to playing for either a club or high school team prior to the start of the season, so as not to disrupt a team’s ability to complete the season. No player will be allowed to play for both club and high school teams in the same season.

If OYHA does not register enough players to field an 18U team and the season is canceled, players will receive a full refund of any amount paid, including processing fees. A decision whether to proceed with an 18U team will be made by September 1st of a given season.

Season-Ending Injury

If a player suffers an injury prior to November 1st of a given season, which will result in that player missing the entire season of game play, that player is entitled to a refund of both the registration fee and season fee, less processing fees and prorated amount to cover ice time prior to the injury (warm-up sessions, try-outs, team practices, etc.), regardless of whether the player attended those sessions. Documentation of season-ending injury from a medical provider is required.  Any player accepting a refund will be removed from the roster and will not be reinstated that season.  No other refunds will be given due to injury, regardless of when they occur.

Insurance is available at the time of registration to protect your registration and season fees in the event of injury or other change resulting in not being able to play.

This policy is effective from June 22, 2022.