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2021 - 2022 Annual Survey Results

By OYHA Committee, 07/11/22, 12:45PM CDT


Survey says...

Executive Summary

Overall, the experience with OYHA continues to be positive for the majority of players and parents.

The vast majority of players had fun, got the right amount of ice time, and nearly ¾’s plan to play again next year.

Over 2/3’s rated the player experience as Excellent/Above Average.

Coaching continued to strengthen this past year!

Quality of coaching was rated as Excellent/Above Average by 71% !  This has trended positively for the last 3 years and this year there was a significant increase in those who rated the coaching Excellent.

Girls 14U, Squirt, and LTP were all up vs. YA while most other levels saw a directional increase. 

There were many positive comments about the coaches and, as always, there were some opportunities for coaches to focus to improve.  Areas for improvement included coaching style; and additional goalie focused coaching.

There continues to be an opportunity for a more formalized process for coaches to outline & communicate their plan for the season & player development and to then meet with the players to discuss progress. Only 1/3 of players had multiple one on one meetings with their coach to discuss their progress and development goals.

The OYHA Skills Coaches were viewed as Excellent/Above Average by the majority of parents yet again in 2021/22.

Both off-ice partners, Breakaway Fitness & Playerz Choice, saw directional increases in satisfaction.

Areas for improvement include taking time to provide more feedback, have our skills coaches around more often, and ensuring an efficient use of ice time.

Over 80 percent of those surveyed said their player’s development Met/Exceeded Expectations.  This is a very strong number but continues to be flat season to season suggesting that the coaching improvements have yet to translate into improved perceptions of Player Development. 

The desire for more feedback seems to be a consistent theme as parents desire more feedback from coaches, skills coaches, and tryout evaluations so players know where to focus efforts.

Frustration with the player evaluation & team selection process continued this past season with nearly 1/3 of those who participated saying it was Below Average/Poor.  Communication and feedback could be a major cause as there was a strong desire for understanding of the evaluations.  Many were looking to better understand how team divisions took place as well as feedback on what to work on during the season and for next year.

OYHA continues to struggle with volunteerism and there was a decline in OYHA families who stated they were interested in volunteering in some capacity. 

Suggestions for growing involvement focused on more communication of needs (both digitally and posted at the rink), and dividing up the roles so there are less time intensive opportunities.

In their closing comments to OYHA, parents called for improvements to the tryout process, continued focus on player development, and more goalie specific training.