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11/09/2018, 6:30am CST
By Robin Bilsborough

Be A Good Sport - Always!

All Region 5 Associations, 

As we all begin playing our season games please note the following information:

     A reminder to our Associations to be sure our Coaches, Players and Parents are adhering to USA Hockey’s Codes of Conduct.  As we have begun the regular season for our local clubs, Region 5 Officiating Directors have already received complaints from Officials about improper behavior from coaches. 

    It is imperative that each local association curtails the verbal abuse of officials within their own organizations.   Coaches need to be sure they are creating a positive learning environment not only for their players, but the officials as well.  As a young official, there are many situations that will occur during the course of a game, weekend and season that they have not seen before, they won’t always make the right call.  There is no place in our game for any adult coach to yell at young officials, regardless of the situation.  

    Please understand just as teams/players are rusty at the beginning of the season, so are our officials.  They are jumping back into a game they may not have Officiated in 5 – 6 months, it takes time to get acclimated to the game again.   It would be great if we had more adults willing to Officiate locally, but we don’t.  Therefore, assigners will be tasked with assigning young officials to many of our youth games.   We need your help to make sure we aren’t discouraging these officials from continuing to want to officiate youth hockey games.

    It is the responsibility of players, coaches and spectators to adhere to the Zero Tolerance Policy. Zero Tolerance Policy   Please ensure that your age level reps & coaching coordinators inform coaches, players and parents that by providing a professional work culture for our officials, it will go a long way in retaining them from season to season.  


Zero Tolerance Policy



Thank you for all you do for our game,

Robin Bilsborough

Region 5 Director


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