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Background Checks

Background Checks


WAHA has adopted rules requiring that all persons who have regular and direct contact with youth players undergo a criminal background screening.  OYHA needs to comply with this requirement. 

As an OYHA volunteer, you will need to complete a criminal background screening application.  

If you have questions about the background screening contact: Mike Wachter (

OYHA will not receive any of your personal information that may be used to perform the screening.  That is kept private and confidential by the screening company.

Please complete your background screening as soon as possible. 


Background Screening Procedures

  • Go to WAHA
  • Go to "Resources" tab at the top of the home page and hover over the "Resources" tab.
  • From the “Resources” drop down menu, click on "Background Screening".
  • On the “Background Screening” page, click where indicated to start background screening process then scroll down to "Ozaukee Youth Hockey Association" and click on the OYHA link.
  • An item will appear to the right. Next, click on the link titled "Ozaukee – Coach/Manager/Team Mom"
  • On next page, titled "Position Details", click on black box "Proceed" then click “Yes” to continue.
  • At that point, an application form will appear.  Complete the Application Form.  The information is confidential and kept only at the screening company.  OYHA does not receive any of your personal information.
  • Click the black "Next" when completed.  You will then be asked for your USA Hockey confirmation number.  Update that number and click “Next”.
  • You will then go to the "Authorization" page to complete the screening.  Fill in your name at the bottom where indicated, and check the “Agree” box to use the electronic signature. 
  • Finally, click the black "Submit" and proceed to the payment page.  Fill in your credit card information and click the black "Pay" when completed. 

The screen costs $8.95.  This amount will be reimbursed by OYHA. 

You will receive an email acknowledging that your payment and screening application has been received.

You are now done.  Your screening results will be reported to the SafeSport Program.  If WAHA has any issues with your screen, OYHA will contact you.