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Inaugural Ozaukee Flow Team

01/26/2021, 11:00pm CST
By Caitie Bowers

Do you have a head of hair that is worthy of being called FLOW?


11/20/2020, 4:30pm CST
By Rob Haswell


Last night WAHA issued additional COVID policies that OYHA will need to comply with. This post will fill you in on what those additional requirements are and the action steps needed by you to ensure we can keep our players on the ice. 

You can view the WAHA letter here.


1. Masks are now a requirement at all times (including on ice). This includes all spectators, managers, and coaches. Certain bubbles with a spit guard are acceptable. You can find a list of those here.


For games - referees can run the clock, while play is stopped until compliance is in place by spectators, coaches, and players. Play can resume once a face covering is worn or the person leaves the building. Coaches and managers are responsible for talking to the individual who is not in compliance.


For practice - consequences for those who fail to adhere to COVID policies, may include loss of games, practices and other team activities. A generous donor has provided disposable masks for use in the event a player forgets their own. If a player, coach, or spectator refuses to wear a mask, they will be asked to leave the rink. 

If the purchase of a mask or bubble is a hardship for a family we do have some scholarship funds available to help offset costs to families. Please contact Caitie Bowers for additional information. 


2. Contact Tracing - In addition to information on our players and coaches we also need to gather spectator information and the information on visiting teams. A google form link has been set-up to collect this information for this weekend. This process may change in the future. QR codes will also be located around the rink. Contact Tracing Link -


3. Rink Flow - Please ensure that your players  are following our rink flow procedures. For games please remember spectators should not enter the rink until 5 minutes before game time. There should be NO congregation in the lobby. 

Flow diagrams can be found here


4. COVID Monitors - Our coaches and managers need your help. COVID Monitors will be responsible for making sure that players/spectators are wearing their masks, social distancing, spectators are filling out COVID tracking, and following other rink procedures. You would need to be willing to complete the background check and Safesport to fill this role (costs are reimbursed by OYHA). COVID Monitors will be allowed to stay in the rink for practice provided a face covering is worn and social distancing is observed. Please let your coach or manager know if you are interested in this role.  


If you have any other questions or suggestions on how we can best implement our protocols - please let Caitie Bowers know. This is a season like no other - but we are thankful to have our players on the ice and your help in keeping them playing is appreciated.

Ozaukee Youth Hockey


09/16/2020, 6:45pm CDT
By Rob Haswell


Be sure you are ready for the 2020/2021 Season and all the issues that the current pandemic raises.


How The 3 Man System Works

01/15/2020, 4:30pm CST
By Rob Haswell

Do you understand the 3 man system?

Here is a great video explaining the 3 man referee system that Ozaukee has been using when possible this season.


07/08/2018, 4:15pm CDT
By Rob Haswell

OYHA Survey Results

The OYHA wants to thank you for taking our survey. 

Here's a summary of the results!



Suggestion Box!

03/01/2017, 7:00am CST
By Rob Haswell

Got A Great Idea? Submit it online!

If you have a great idea CLICK HERE!