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Information for Managers

Team Manager Description

A Team Manager helps to insure their respective team’s schedule and season operate as smoothly as possible. A Team Manager communicates and works closely with their Team Coaches so that practices, individual games, and tournaments are scheduled (or rescheduled, as the case might be) according to the Coach's plan. Most important, they keep all the parents informed as to the team’s upcoming activities (whether through phone, email, or the website).

This page is dedicated to OYHA team manager information. Team managers are guided by the Off-Ice Director. Information that team managers will find useful will be periodically posted on this page as well as on the "Manager Tools" page which can be accessed by clicking the Manager Tools button on the left hand navigation panel.

Manager Responsibilities

  • Adjusting the game schedule as needed. This would include adding, or canceling, individual games and/or tournaments in order to appropriately fill out the season. For tournament information, an excellent source is the WAHA website (invitational tournament page).
  • Confirming games with opposing team managers (to make sure the game, location, and time are correct).
  • Confirming COVID-related policies with opposing managers, such as locker room availability and spectator allowances.
  • Providing team members directions to other rinks when playing away games.
  • Serving as a liaison between the Coaches and parents. This would include scheduling any coach-parent meetings to discuss team issues, or arranging volunteers for team functions (ex: pizza parties or outings, or get togethers when travel involves overnight hotel stays.)
  • Working with coaches to ensure that the team follows all OYHA policies and best practices.
  • Securing or trading ice times for games and/or practices.
  • Organizing team parents to volunteer as Off-Ice Officials for home games. These would include two penalty box officials, one score keeper, and one time clock operator. (An additional, non-ice official function is running the music before games, between the periods, and during play stoppages.) Note that some parents may be capable of being both the score keeper and time clock operator.
  • Requesting or dropping on-ice officials, with the Referee Coordinator, when adding or canceling home games.
  • Maintaining team records. This principally involves carrying copies of birth certificates, USA hockey roster, and medical release forms to each game and tournament. Game score sheets should be retained and a Win-Loss-Tie record should be compiled.
  • With their Team Coaches, coordinating the Keystone Award selection process at the end of the season.

You will need a Sport Engine account in order to be a manager since you will be responsible for all aspects of the team page.  


Squirt A- Matt Lerner

Squirt B- Marissa Harrington

Squirt Blue- Jenny Wymore & Jackie Kachelmeyer

Squirt Green- Kristin Ouweneel & Lacey Nye

Squirt White- Angela Gosse

PeeWee A- Joellen Bystol

PeeWee B- Jennifer Calzada

PeeWee Blue- Liz Braatz

PeeWee Green- Heather Harwood

Bantam A- Jake Miller

Bantam Blue- Kevin Deering & Paul Lillyroot

Bantam Green- Michelle Andrae


For internal manager communication please use: