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Information for Referees


If you plan to be a referee this season and have plans to complete all of the steps to become an official, please e-mail
Mike Hester ( with the following information:

 Name
 Ref Level
 Age
 E-mail address
 Cell phone number
 If under the age of 18 please give me one parent/guardian contact information (Name, email, phone#)

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Season

Welcome to 2021-2022 Season!!


Much will remain unchanged for the new season of Hockey. Scheduling will continue to be done through Assignr our scheduling software. Once you register with me as an official, I will send you an access code so you can start to schedule assignments for games at the various rinks.

Officials will be able to choose games from West Bend, Ozaukee and Winter Club locations. The payroll will change slightly. Winter Club and Ozaukee will still pay through direct deposit as we did last year. However, West Bend will be paying officials directly for the games worked in West Bend. The pay scale is the same for all three locations.

This year I am trying to develop more mentors that will be teamed up with new officials for season. I will make every attempt to have junior officials paired with senior officials when possible. While this is not always possible, it is the goal to be supportive and help teach each official how to become a better referee/linesman as they progress through their officiating careers. 

In addition we will be holding training camps for new officials shortly after teams are chosen at the beginning of the season.

At this time it appears that the season should be more normal with the lessening of the COVID-19 issues, but as always please stay abreast of the rules at each of the rinks for how we are to interact with players, coaches and each other to stay safe and still be able to have a hockey season this year. I will be posting more information on this as we get closer to the start of the season.

Welcome to another season of being a member of the “Stripes” community.

How to Become an Official

Registration for the upcoming season opened nationwide at the end of July, so you can now register to become an official for the 2021-2022 season. 


You need to complete the following steps to become an official: 

  1. Register with our local affiliate (Wisconsin Hockey Officials Association) for a pre-season officiating seminar, and attend the seminar. (
  2. Register with USA Hockey as an on-ice official.  (
  3. Complete the online module portion of the seminar. 
  4. Pass an online exam (Level 1) or a closed book exam (higher levels).
  5. If you are 18 years or older you must be screened and complete Safe Sport training. 


Once you have successfully completed all these steps, you will be registered as an official and may then officiate games. Please make sure that you let Mike Hester ( know when you have completed the requirements so that we can add you to our list of available officials.

Referee Finances

The OYHA/MWC has implemented the following policies regarding referee pay:

  • Payroll will be processed via direct deposit into the referee or his/her parents/designee savings/checking account. Approximately 1 per month around the 10th of every month.
  1. 24 hour cancellation pay—if a scheduled game was not cancelled within 24 hours of the start time, the referee still gets paid. 

  2. If one referee has to do a game by themselves, the referee gets paid 2 times pay scale since you are covering for both officiating spots.

  3. All games officiated at Ozaukee or Winter Club Rinks will be paid via Direct Deposit. If you work games at West Bend you will be paid through them via paper check. 



NOTE: It is important that all game reports be made as soon as possible while all information is fresh in the officials’
mind following a game. Please have all game reports submitted within 24 hours of the end of a game.  

Incident/Game Reports are filed on the WHOA website under Game reporting tab on the home page. Game Reports are not to be filed using the USA Hockey Reporting System at USA All Wisconsin Game reports are to be made on the website.

If you have any issues with this or any questions, please contact Mike Hester directly at or call Mike at 262-215-2050.

Coaches/Spectators/Player Internal Incident Reports

To All Association Members:

We strive to have the best trained officials and work diligently to make sure that we are calling honest and unbiased games at all levels. We also realize that not everything that happens prior to a game, during a game, after a game, in a locker room, or outside the rink area is an incident that can be seen, and actioned upon by an official.

That is why we have created the Incident Report Form below that allows, coaches, spectators, players and even officials to notify the committee of actions that you may have observed that you feel need to be known to the committee.